Our engineered products are tested on certain parameters at every stage of processing so as to ensure the qualitative needs of the clients. Various quality procedures are conducted on certain important parameters of the products to deliver best quality to the clients. The quality procedures are regularly modified and revised to enhance the quality of the products. We have a team of quality analysts who are engaged in conducting different quality measures in our well organized labs.


The panels are constructed using superior quality sheet steel. All the fabricated parts are thoroughly cleaned using nine-tank pre-treatment process [involving degreasing, derusting, phosphatizing and passivation] and are then powder coated. The panel doors are fully gasketed for protection against dust / vermin entry.

Every component used in the panel is thoroughly supervised by qualified and skilled personnel, to ensure supply of quality product.


The front side of the panel houses meters, switches and other active devices. In case of control & relay panels, the relays are also mounted on the front side of the panel.

The front side of the panel and internal layout is made to suit ergonomic and aesthetic requirements. Adequate space is provided for cabling, operation and testing. The front side of the panel can have mimic diagrams like painted mimic with colours for voltages in line with standard / customer requirement which can be provided with indicating lights, control switches etc. for active display of system conditions.


Wiring is done with 1100-volt grade multi-stranded pvc wires. These wires are neatly bunched together with pvc cable ties for ease of working. The wiring at both ends is supported with self-locking ferrules and terminal strips for ease of cable termination. The panel is provided with an internal illumination lamp controlled by a toggle / door switch to facilitate maintenance work.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous quality checks tests are done at various stages of manufacturing. On the completely assembled panel, routine tests as per IS:8623 are conducted.

This is our key policy that we follow towards maintaining excellence in quality standards. We administer stringent quality standards at every level of our production and service support. The three wholesome quality assurance steps that we rely upon include:

    Raw Material Inspection In-Process Inspection Finished Goods Inspection


Our test facilities include a complete range of type testing arrangement accredited by ERDA. Following gives a detail account of our testing facilities:

    Primary Current injection set upto 3200 A for Heat run test including 12 point temperature indicator along with thermocouples Conductivity Meter - Technofour for aluminum and copper bus bars Elcometer Electronic type (paint thickness meter) Relay Testing Kit: comprising of following facilities -
      A.C. Variable 0-270 V AC 1 ∅ D.C. Variable 0-270 V DC AC/DC load 0-100 A Relay / M.C.B. Test Selection Mode with timer NO & NC Selection Mode
    High Voltage Tester - 0 - 3 KV Meggars - 500 V & 1000 V Continuity Tester, Milliohmmeter, Multimeter Master Voltmeter 0-150/300/600 V Class 0.5 Master Ammeter 0-1/5A AC Class 0.5 Master CT 100/50/25/10/5/A Class 0.2 Phase sequence meter - 3 ∅ Chemical lab to check concentration of chemicals in tanks